About Us


INTERNATIONAL YOGA SOCIETY the parent organisation (www.iys-loni.org) is a charitable NGO founded by renowned saint and Yogi -Sri Swami Jyotirmayanda and Swami Lalitanananda. We are working in field of Yoga, spirituality, social service and publication of spiritual books and magazine. Society is engaged in service of orphan girls through its wing known as LALITA JYOTI ANATHALAYA (Orphanage). It is located in a quiet countryside of Gannaur, in Sonepat district of Haryana-State of India.

Through involvment and support from several individuals, groups and non-profit organizations in India and abroad, Lalita Jyoti Anathalaya works for rehabilitation of girls belonging to underprivileged and vulnerable sections of society.

Most important person for Lalita Jyoti Anathalaya is You .

Though we are the implementing organization, YOUR constant support and involvement drive us to do good and do it well. We are fortunate that each of YOU has chosen Lalita Jyoti Anathalaya to make a difference to lives of these girls in need and distress.